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For women who are interested in treating atrophic vaginitis and other intimate aging concerns without surgery, MonaLisa Touch offers an exciting opportunity to reap the benefits of cutting-edge laser technology in their daily lives. At Simply Simon, we proudly offer this exceptional laser procedure for women in the Missoula, MT area who struggle with vaginal discomfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes referred to as vaginal atrophy, this is a vaginal disorder that typically occurs in post-menopausal women. Because of decreasing estrogen levels, the walls of the vagina can become inflamed, dry, or thin, causing intense discomfort during intercourse. Atrophic vaginitis can also lead to an increase in urinary tract infections or urinary incontinence. Hormone replacement therapy and topical treatments used to be the only treatment methods available to women seeking to address this particular intimate condition, but the MonaLisa Touch now offers a non-hormonal laser alternative.

MonaLisa Touch is a minimally invasive laser treatment that provides vaginal rejuvenation effects for women suffering from vaginal dryness and other concerns. MonaLisa Touch is a thoughtfully designed wand that introduces targeted laser energy to the soft tissues of the vagina. This provides functional restoration of these tissues, helping to address symptoms related to vaginal atrophy. The MonaLisa Touch procedure takes only a few minutes and requires virtually no recovery time, allowing you to enjoy your life immediately following your appointment.

The laser energy delivered by the MonaLisa Touch helps to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin within the tissues of the vaginal walls. This stimulation helps your body to reverse symptoms such as mucosal laxity and vaginal dryness. Women who have undergone the MonaLisa Touch procedure report an increase in sexual satisfaction and confidence following their procedure. The MonaLisa Touch procedure is not painful, resulting in only a slight feeling of vibration during the procedure. Most patients report only mild redness or swelling that dissipates with a day or two. Your doctor may require you to abstain from sexual activity, taking baths, or certain strenuous exercise for a few days, but most patients can resume other normal activities immediately following their treatment session.

MonaLisa Touch can help both pre- and post-menopausal women suffering with some of the most common symptoms of vaginal  atrophy. MonaLisa Touch helps to reduce burning sensations, pain during sex, urinary symptoms such as incontinence, and  vaginal dryness. By reducing these symptoms, patients are able to assert more control over their intimate health and experience. The MonaLisa Touch procedure can empower women of all ages to address sensitive issues surrounding their intimate health, so they can enjoy a healthier and more fulfilling sexual experience and a happier life overall.

Your MonaLisa Touch treatments will be designed specifically to address your needs. On average, women will typically receive 3 treatments over the course of several months to achieve full results. Results last for approximately 1 year depending on the individual, after which time, another round of treatments may be required to maintain results.

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