Schedule Your Appointment with Dr. Simon at Simply Simon Hormone Health Center in Missoula, MT

Online Appointments At Simply Simon In Boise Idaho

New patient evaluation – 45 minutes – Price Varies

New patients will sit down with Dr Simon and discussed past medical history surgical history current medications and conditions. A detailed history regarding contraindications and benefits for hormone replacement therapy, Mona Lisa therapy or Smartlipo Will be addressed.

Established Patient visit – 30 minutes – Price Varies

This appointment can take on many forms. You may want to discuss your ongoing hormone replacement therapy or to talk about other issues that you don’t feel comfortable talking about on the phone. It would also include appointments that require me to physically examine you.

Phone consult – 15 minutes – Price Varies

Want to speak with Dr. Simon but have no time to travel? Schedule a phone consultation! Phone Consults = You can be anywhere and still get in touch with Dr. Simon at your convenience!

Pellet insertion – 30 minutes – $400.00

Hormones Pellets in the form of estradiol and testosterone will be injected into the layer of the buttock. This provides sustained release for 3 to 4 months. It also illuminates the need for creams gels or oral tablets. The pros are obviously convenience. If you have a uterus there is the possibility of vaginal bleeding Experienced about 2% of the time in patients. Obviously this is not a problem with male patients.

MonaLisa Touch maintenance treatment – 30 minutes – $600

Endometrial Biopsies for abnormal bleeding – 30 minutes – $200

Venus Freeze Skin Tightening – 30 minutes – $150.00

Pricing for the Venus freeze depends on area and treatment times

Smartlipo Consults – 45 minutes – Price Varies

Smartlipo Consults for permanent fat removal

Smart Lipo – 3 hours – Price Varies

Smart Lipo follow up – 15 minutes – Price Varies

Lab Follow Up Visit – 30 minutes – $200.00

Monalisa Consult – 30 minutes – Free

Monalisa Touch Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment – 30 minutes – Price Varies

The Mona Lisa touch procedure is revolutionary laser technology that is sold on to Gynecologist and urologists. It stimulates new collagen growth, proteoglycans, and hyaluronic acid. These combined features help the vagina to reverse the aging process, making intimacy comfortable. Another feature of the Mona Lisa is it helps with urinary stress incontinence, leaking when you laugh or cough or sneeze. It also helps with lichen sclerosis