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Letter From Tamara simon, MD, MPH


For nearly 20 years I have had the privilege to serve patients in the Treasure Valley area. Over the past several years I have felt honored to have had the opportunity to treat so many women and men suffering from hormonal issues. However, ‘Home is where the heart is’ and I will be leaving the Treasure Valley in December 2019 and moving to Montana to be closer to family. This decision was sudden and was not planned, but I feel that is best for me and my family at this time.

The major factor contribution to my decision to return home was realizing my son needs me closer and I want to be there for him and my grandchildren. My daughter-in-law has suffered a great loss and it’s my time to step up. Please know this was not an easy decision and it breaks my heart, honestly to leave.

However, I will be able to continue your hormone prescriptions from anywhere. I will still continue phone consults for this type of visit. I would prefer to keep all your prescriptions at one pharmacy to make sure things do not get missed. I would prefer to use Customedica in Eagle or Boise. The choice is ultimately yours, of course.

Thank you for putting your trust in me and allowing me to be a part of your life and being a part of mine. I have sincerely enjoyed taking care of you. I will be available for appointments until December 1st. I will travel band and forth to finish up MonaLisa’s and Pellet insertion appointments already scheduled in December and January at RENU med spa next door. I will try to make this seamless as possible. If you have anything that needs to be addressed personally with me, I encourage you to call and schedule an appointment with between now and December 1st. For those of you who would rather find another provider please pick up your chart at the office by the end of the November on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. I will be taking the rest of the charts to Missoula with me for the Patients who have chosen to remain with (me) Simply Simon.

My love and thanks always
Tamara Simon, MD.MPH

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