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Simply Simon Has a Female Gynecologist Who Offers Top Treatments in Boise, ID. Come Visit Us at 211 N 10th St, Boise ID 83702. Call for More Information at (208) 344-9444.

Women need a gynecologist they can confide in and trust fully. With Dr. Tamara M. Simon, you’ll have a fully trustworthy and reliable gynecologist you can depend on for years to come. The doctor has over 2 decades of experience, so you can have full confidence in her capabilities. If you’ve been searching for a female gynecologist near you in Eagle ID or Boise ID, then you’ll find one with Dr. Simon here at Simply Simon!

How often should a woman see a gynecologist? At what age can a woman stop seeing a gynecologist?

Each and every woman is different and has different needs, but for most women, their health changes at around 21 years of age or when they become sexually active. This is about when women start experiencing changes in period frequency and their menstrual cycles, and these women can become at risk for common intimate health issues. These issues are preventable by a gynecologist.

These women should start seeing a gynecologist regularly, about once per year. Women should continue to see a gynecologist for as long as their gynecologist recommends it. At an older age, women might not require any more pap smears or mammograms, but it’s still important to see a gynecologist even in old age.

What happens at a yearly gynecologist visit?

These visits are typically called well-woman exams, and they’re pretty simple and straightforward. However, these exams are vital because they screen for signs of serious conditions, such as breast cancer, and other conditions that could become serious if they’re left untreated. These conditions are more common than many women believe, so please take them seriously and get regular well-woman exams with a gynecologist!

Also, the exams can address any issues a woman is having, like changes in her period frequency, overactive bladder, painful menstruation, and other issues. Additionally, the exams are a great opportunity for a woman to bring up any topics related to intimate or reproductive health, as well as contraception.

Finally, a gynecologist is able to provide many other services such as preventative care, testing for at-risk patients, pap smear exams, mammograms, STD counselling, hormone replacement therapy, and more. Here at Simply Simon, you can also get an endometrial biopsy, birth control pills, and treatment for polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Who is Dr. Simon at Simply Simon?

Dr. Tamara M. Simon MD MPH is our board-certified physician, surgeon, and gynecologist here at Simply Simon. She has over 20 years of experience helping women just like you. In fact, she has treated tens of thousands of women for hormone-related conditions alone, and many more women for many other issues. We believe you will grow to like the doctor and trust her quickly, so get in touch with us at Simply Simon to book a simple consultation with her!

Do you have a female gynecologist near me in Eagle ID or Boise ID?

Yes! Dr. Simon is right here at Simply Simon at 220 N 9th St Boise ID 83702. She accepts patients from the Eagle ID or Boise ID areas, or from surrounding locations.

We invite you to book a consultation with Dr. Simon! She is currently taking on new patients, and would love to meet you to discuss any wellness topics on your mind. To learn more about the doctor and her services, or to book a consultation with us, please contact us at (208) 344-9444 or book with us online.

The doctor looks forward to speaking with you soon here at Simple Simon in Eagle ID!