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Welcome to Simply Simon! Dr. Tamara Simon Specializes in Low Testosterone Treatments for Men, Hormone Replacement Therapy, and Cosmetic Services Including Vaginal Rejuvenation, MonaLisa Touch and SmartLipo.

For men and women of all ages, intimate health should be a priority. At Simply Simon, we are dedicated to providing exceptional services designed to improve men and women’s intimate experience. At Simply Simon, your total well-being is our priority. We provide compassionate care in an office that is discreet and welcoming. We understand that discussing certain intimate concerns can be difficult, so we strive to create a treatment environment where you feel comfortable and listened to.

Dr. Simon has been treating women in the Treasure Valley area in Idaho for 20 years and now She is offering her services in Missoula Montana patients to see in person for pellets and Mona Lisa procedures.


Our Clients Say

As a husband of a woman getting smart lipo this was a procedure I was not excited about. I thought my wife was beautiful the way she was and she didn’t need this procedure. I wanted to support her but it scared me for her health to go through this and seemed totally unnecessary.

Arriving to the office the day of the smart lipo procedure Dr. Simon saw the concern in my face. She knew I wasn’t on board but I was there to support my wife. She was very kind and sensitive to my feelings and after talking to her I felt reassured and knew my wife was in good hands.

After the procedure Dr. Simon and staff were very informative concerning my wife and her aftercare. She reassured me she was just a phone call away and it helped me so much knowing this. Through this entire procedure everyone has been professional, warm and caring. My wife definitely found a great Dr. for both of us!!

Thank you

Bob Glenn

My experience with Dr. Simon and staff couldn’t have been better. I knew this was the perfect fit for me. Dr. Simon is very knowledgeable, professional, experienced and caring. The office has a comfortable atmosphere which I really appreciate.

She made me (and my nervous husband) feel at ease when I came in for my smart lipo procedure on my abdomen, flanks, back and inner thigh area. I feel Dr. Simon was very experienced and honest about my treatment. My post-op care has been excellent and reassuring. She has been very accommodating and I feel eager and excited to see my results.

I am so confident with Dr. Simon that I will continue to see her for other procedures as well.

Thank you Dr. Simon!

Stacie Glen

Great services offered with the newest technology. Highly recommend!

KC Mauk

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